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Fin Theory UK is operated by Ben Field at "The Art of Fishing" in Cornwall. We have been supplying Japanese fishing tackle in the UK since 2010 and have always been at the forefront of developing trends, locating, supplying and fully understanding the best lure fishing tackle the World has to offer.

Our experience in retail and competitive wholesale pricing can be a huge benefit to your business. Being in the same position as yourselves, we understand what you require and expect from your suppliers:

      1) Fast order turnaround.
      2) Fair and consistent pricing.
      3) Stock held in the UK, ready for shipping to you at a moments notice.
      4) Live stock updates and online ordering system (B2B).
      5) Staff who understand the products and know what really sells.

We currently supply four Japanese brands to the UK tackle market.

      Tailwalk (Rods)
      Apia (Rods & Plugs)
      Fish Arrow (Soft Plastics & Hooks)
      Gosen (Lines)

For the past few years, these brands have covered the majority of our sales and provide you with a ready made set of popular products that you can sell to your lure customers from day one. Naturally with vast ranges such as these, particular products always jump out as the best sellers. We've spent time and money in our own store figuring out which products these are, so we are now in a position to save you wasting money on products that won't sell. We know what sells and would like for you to join the cause.

You can visit our showroom in Wadebridge, north Cornwall if you're ever down this way, or contact us for more details or advice.

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